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The building

and its history

"Le Guinot" is the name of the "Maison de Maître" of the former wine estate. The name is derived from
"les guis nouveaux" which means as much as "the new mistletoes", which according to tradition brought luck and prosperity. At the well, about a hundred meters from the house, the ancient Druids held their rituals using the mistletoe.

Originally there was the farm with the stables for the cattle and an immense barn for the wine storage. In 1903, the main house was added as a "country retreat" for a very wealthy family from Villefranche de Lonchat, where they lived in their castle.

The house has always brought happiness to the family and it is in this place that all the family celebrations were held. 

We wish to remain faithful to this tradition and hope that the mansion also in its new life 
will continue to be dominated by happiness!


The inhabitants

and their history


We, Jo and Karolien, have been working professionally in Belgium for more than 10 years

together as the owners of a well-functioning cafe near Ghent and as an organizer

of numerous major events (food truck festivals, concerts, etc.)


The busy years, the eternal hunger for challenges, the arrival of 2

children and age ;-) brought us to the question “what else do we want

do with our lives, what do we still want to achieve?”. Searching for a

answer to that question finally got us to it in October 2019

headed south. Because we loved the concept ourselves while traveling and

hospitality is in our blood, it seemed opening a

Chambres & Table d'Hôtes the ideal way of working and living. 

That's how we ended up in Saint-Martin-de-Gurson, a small

sympathetic village in the Dordogne Pourpre, a stone's throw from

like Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion, Bergerac, Périgueux, the Atlantic

Ocean. In the middle of vineyards, forests and fields.  A green oasis

of tranquility in stark contrast to our "previous" life. A virtue of which we still

enjoy every day intensely, even while hanging the laundry ;-)

The healthy outdoors, the authentic "Maison de Maître", the rich

environment in culture and nature, Karolien her enthusiasm in the kitchen

and beyond, Jo's jovial hospitality make Le Guinot a new one

understanding, a new future.

Our philosophy has always been the same: on a personal,

offer high quality in a casual way, at reasonable prices.

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits...

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